Building the World, One Material at a Time

Since 1920, Concordia Engineered Fibers has been a leader in textiles and advanced composites, processing a wide range of materials for everyday applications.

If It Involves Fibers & Composites, We’re the Experts for the Job


  • Low denier to high denier
  • Low twist to high twist
  • Wide range of fiber materials, including carbon, glass, Spectra, and Dyneema


  • Thermoplastic & Thermoset Options
  • Custom sizing chemistries
  • Twisted or untwisted availability

Custom Fiber Processing

  • In-house machine modification capabilities
  • Winding, Softening, texturing, serving, and more

Thermoplastic Composite R&D

  • 800℉ hydraulic heated platen press
  • CNC router machining custom parts
  • Lab scale capabilities

Why Concordia?

Concordia’s core competency is processing synthetic filaments and fibers to enable the production of innovative fabric structures that are lightweight, flexible, and strong. We engineer and manufacture a wide range of synthetic continuous filament yarns for high-value applications. We do use traditional twisting, winding, texturing, and serving capabilities. But for our most unique opportunities, such as carbon twisting and commingling for advanced composites, we design and build our own machines.

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Real-World Applications




Sporting Goods


Consumer Electronics


Commercial Aviation

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