Commingled Fibers

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What is commingling?

Commingling is a process for producing highly flexible thermoplastic prepregs. Concordia’s unique process intimately blends two or more continuous filament fibers to produce a hybrid homogenized yarn that can be:

  • Woven
  • Braided
  • Knitted
  • Embroidered (Tailored Fiber Placement)
  • Pultruded
  • And More!


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For thermoplastic applications, these formations may then be molded into complex thermoplastic composite shapes when put under heat and pressure.
For thermoset applications, this commingled fiber may be used in any traditional composite process such as Resin Transfer Molding, Prepregging, and beyond.

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Commingling Resources

Concordia Commingled Fibers – 2024

Product Sheet

Concordia Pultrusion Flyer

Commingled Fiber Options

carbon fiber

Thermoplastic Prepreg

Combine a thermoplastic with Carbon, Glass, or other reinforcements for a custom prepreg.

Fiberglass composite

Thermoset Reinforcement

Blend multiple reinforcements together or add toughening fibers to change material properties to fit your needs.

thermoplastic yarn

Additive Filament

Intimate blending of thermoplastic filaments with reinforcement fibers enables low cost, low void, high quality filament options.

Commingling Applications


Structural components which require high stiffness and complicated geometry. Commingled Fiber keeps you flying longer.

Sporting Goods

Greater performance through custom fiber blends. High toughness, high strength, lightweight. Commingled fiber gives you the advantage you need to ace it on the court.

Consumer Electronics

Lightweight with excellent thermal conductivity properties; Commingled Fiber lets you work or play longer.

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