• What is a composite material?


    A composite material is a combination of two materials with different physical and chemical properties. When they are combined, they create a material that is specialized to do a certain job. For instance, to become stronger, lighter, or resistant to electricity. They can also improve strength and stiffness.

  • What is commingled fiber?


    Commingling is a process for producing highly flexible thermoplastic prepregs. Concordia’s unique process intimately blends unsized continuous filament carbon fiber with unsized continuous filament thermoplastic fibers to produce a yarn that can be woven or braided into fabrics.

  • What can I do with a commingled fiber?


    Commingled fiber may be used in a variety of downstream processes. As a “yarn” based material, it may be used in any textile process including but not limited to weaving, braiding, knitting, Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP), and more. Thermoplastic commingled fiber also works well for pultrusion processes and may be used as an additive manufacturing filament. Additional use cases include hybridizing multiple reinforcements or adding toughening filaments.

  • What fibers are you able to process?


    We work with a variety of fibers from polypropylene to carbon. Our capabilities are constantly expanding. Reach out to our sales staff at [email protected] to learn more!

  • Where is Concordia Engineered Fibers located?


    We have three locations. Our headquarters is in Coventry, RI. We also have a plant in Commercy, France and Querétaro, Mexico.

  • What are your available commingled fiber volume fractions?


    Check out our commingled fiber calculator to see what our available options are today!

  • What is Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP)?


    Tailored fiber placement (TFP) is a textile manufacturing technique based on the principle of sewing for a continuous placement of fibrous material for composite components. This technology is further leveraged using Concordia Commingled Fiber to create a dry thermoplastic prepreg preform. Learn more about TFP below.

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