Thermoplastic Composite R&D

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Thermoplastic Composite Processing Streamlined

Concordia has invested in thermoplastic composite processing capabilities to better serve our customers. We are ready to help you develop your next commingled fiber part and get to production faster. Further vertical integration allows us to greatly reduce material testing lead times. Reach out today to discuss your application!

Thermoplastic Applications

heaten flatten press

Heated Platen Press

With the ability to process up to 750 deg F and 100 Tons of force, we are ready to support your thermoplastic composite part development.

thermoplastic results

CNC Routing

Precision machining with CNC routing to cut custom geometry composite parts.

tailored fiber placement

Tailored Fiber Placement

Work with us to create a preform that is tailored to your mechanical requirements.

Thermoplastic Applications

Thermoplastic Applications


Structural components which require high stiffness and complicated geometry. Commingled Fiber keeps you flying longer.

Sporting Goods

Greater performance through custom fiber blends. High toughness, high strength, lightweight. Commingled fiber gives you the advantage you need to ace it on the court.

Consumer Electronics

Lightweight with excellent thermal conductivity properties; Commingled Fiber lets you work or play longer.

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